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dinky adj
1 small and insignificant; "we stayed in a dinky old hotel"
2 (British informal) pretty and neat; "what a dinky little hat" n : a small locomotive [syn: dinkey] [also: dinkiest, dinkier]

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  1. informal UK Tiny and cute; small and charmful.
  2. informal US Tiny and insignificant; small and undesirable.
    They stayed in a dinky hotel room, but they had a great trip.


saurus tiny


  1. Double income, no kids yet. Said of a relationship.

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Dinky is an informal word meaning small.
Dinky may also refer to:
  • Dinky Duck, a toon by Terrytoons.
  • Dinky Toys, a company that produced die-cast model vehicles and toys
  • Dinky line or Dinky train (U.S.), a small railroad, or the train that runs along it
    • The "Dinky", a nickname for the small train that runs along the Princeton Branch, New Jersey, USA
  • Dinky Bingham, a musician and music producer
  • Rinky Dinky, describing a random style of piano playing said to cause aural offence
  • Rinky Dink, describing something (often a town or other place) quaint, usually in a negative light
  • DINKY (acronym), Double Income No Kids Yet, it refers to people that are in relationship/married but have no kids and keep their mind focused on work, careers
  • Jackson Dinky, a line of mid-range electric guitars manufactured by Jackson Guitars

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